Chimes Creek originates in the headwaters
above the Leona Quarry in Central East Oakland ...

While the Quarry was in active operation during the first half of the last century, Chimes Creek was culverted in a large metal pipe that carried the waters down the hillside and under the 580 Freeway.  A natural section of Chimes Creek daylights behind residential properties on Delmont Ave., before dropping underground to cross Seminary Ave., where it briefly surfaces on the Mills College campus.  Chimes Creek then joins with Horseshoe Creek to form a part of the Lions Creek watershed into the San Francisco Bay.
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Topo map of 1947. The Quarry is established but the headwaters remain.
Topo survey of 1897 of the area around Laundry Farm and headwaters of Chimes Creek

Before construction began in April, 2004, the Creek waters flowed into a marsh-like holding pond. The Quarry had four such ponds before construction began; the one remaining pond in the Ridgemont Basin was drastically altered during the spring and summer of 2005. See Work in the Ridgemont Basin for more details.

The headwaters in July, 2004
After the Developer asserted that there was no creek flow during the summer, we went to look for the headwaters --
and found it alive and flowing.

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