Updates from the City

February 10, 2005

A community meeting was held at Eastmont Police Station to discuss the repairs scheduled for the sewer mains running alongside Chimes Creek. Refer to the Sierra Club Conservation Resolution from 1985, which mentions the sewers alongside Chimes Creek. "...whenever pipes are broken, (they) drain directly into the creek, a situation which Mayor Wilson publicly requested on March 15, 1983 to have the Department of Public Works rectify." (full text Sierra Club 1985 Resolution) Repairs are scheduled for Spring of 2006 and will involve the replacement of sewer mains along Chimes Creek in the 3800 block of Delmont Ave. and a number of homes on Oakdale. For further details, contact Gus Armezehni, Public Works. (see contact)

Dec. 14, 2004

At the Public Works Committee meeting, Fuad Sweiss of Oakland Public Works announces to Council members that plans are under way to move the sewer pipe up to the street and away from the creek. He could not confirm if any notification had gone to the residents who would be affected. Mr. Sweiss assured the Council that the City would be paying for reconfiguring the lateral pipes from each residence along Hillmont Drive, and that public meetings would be held to inform the residents of this work, scheduled for next summer.