Subject: RE: pictures from the Quarry
Date: December 19, 2005 10:28:03 PM PST


Regarding your photos of the manhole cover, is that a sanitary sewer?  How
 long has this been occurring?  Has it been occurring since before
 construction at the quarry started?  Does this only occur during storm
 events?   I drove up around the quarry late this afternoon and they
 obviously have some serious problems.  As I am sure you saw they were
 putting black plastic on some of the slides, and pushing around some of the
 dirt that had slid down.  I first saw the quarry this morning from the 880
 freeway coming home from downtown, and the slides are clearly visible from
 down there.  The folks in San Francisco should have no trouble seeing the
 slides from there.  The detention pond was full to the top of the outfall,
 and very muddy.  I also went by the development over on Keller, and the
 whole thing is wide open, not properly buttoned up for the rains.  Where is
 the Water Board?  They are supposed to make sure this kind of thing does
 not happen.  What happened to no grading between October 15 and April 15?