Subject: RE: Sanitary Sewer Overflows AGAIN at Chimes Creek
Date: December 19, 2005 8:17:32 PM PST

Dear Ms. Azuma,

This serves as an update of response by City Public Works Agency (PWA), Sewer Maintenance crews to your email dated December 5, 2005, which reported a sewer manhole overflowing at 6120 Oakdale into Chimes Creek.

Here is a summary of our response to date:

1. Investigation of Complaint:
PWA Sewer Section received an email on December 6, 2005, stating that on December 2, 2005 a manhole at 6120 Oakdale was pouring raw sewage into Chimes Creek. A Sewer Maintenance crew was sent out the morning of December 6, 2005 to investigate and determine if the sewer line was plugged.
◦ A Power Rodder was sent out to rod the sewer main
◦ Power Rodder rodded 250 feet in each direction from manhole 83-400-31
◦ Crew rodded the 12-inch and 15-inch line with 10 inch auger
◦ Augers pulled out light roots
◦ Crew did not find anything heavy enough to create a blockage

2. Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Inspection:
On December 8, 2005, a CCTV crew was sent out to televise sewer line. Here are results of our CCTV log:
◦ Manhole start 83-400-27 to Manhole stop 83-400-25 General condition of pipe is fair (15-inch pipe).
◦ Manhole start 83-400-29 to Manhole stop 83-400-27 Rocks and debris in line. CCTV camera unable to pass into downstream manhole (15-inch pipe).
◦ Manhole start 83-400-31 to Manhole stop 83-400-29 Debris in down stream manhole channel mouth (15-inch pipe).
◦ Manhole start 83-400-33 to Manhole stop 83-400-29 Over half of pipe has rocks and debris (12-inch pipe).

3. Clearing debris/rocks from sewer line:
A flushing crew was sent out the morning of December 12, 2006 to begin cleaning the line of rocks and debris, along with a power rodder.

Due to variation in elevation of the line over its length and ongoing rains, we expect to finish the flushing operation in approximately ten to fifteen working days. The line in question will be televised again at completion of flushing. During heavy rain storms, sewer maintenance staff will check sewer manhole for overflowing.

We appreciate your assistance in alerting the City of the manhole overflow at 6120 Oakdale.  To report any future sewer overflows or flooding conditions, you can contact our 24 hour/7 day Call Center number (510) 615-5566 for assistance.

I look forward to getting back to you with the results of our post flushing television report.

Jaime Heredia, P.E.
Acting Operations Manager
City of Oakland
Public Works Agency
Department of Infrastructure and Operations
Infrastructure Maintenance Division
7101 Edgewater Dr., Bldg. #4
Oakland, CA 94621
(510) 615-5561 (Office)
(510) 615-5442 (FAX)