Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 10:12:42 -0800
Subject: Leona Quarry Releases water causing flood
From: Mark Brest van Kempen <>
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Sunday Dec 18, 2005

This morning the detention basin in the Leona Quarry Development had completely filled up after one rain storm  submerging the concrete outfall structure. Contractors on site opened up one of the outfall openings releasing a large surge of extremely silty water into the city storm drains and Chimes Creek. (I assume that they did this to stop the water from overtopping the pond completely) This was done without the permission of the City according to city inspector.

This resulted in a massive flash flood in our neighborhood of extremely silty water. This water flooded two homes, several yards and carried away at least two small bridges.

Extremely silty water continues to freely exit the detention pond as of 5:00pm Sun. The Creek is totally opaque with silt although it hasnt rained since this morning.

There were several areas on the site where BMP's were not in place resulting in large mud slides. In other areas BMP's had failed also resulting in mud slides. These measures that were not in place or had failed contributed to the extremely silty condition of the detention pond.

Todays events seem to be a clear violation of clean water laws. The irresponsible actions of DeSilva Gates contractors also resulted in property damage.  In addition to the creek flooding neighbors also documented at least two sewer manholes overflowing and spilling raw sewage into Chimes creek. This is the same sewer line that the City assured us was adequate to handle an additional 470 homes from the development.

This situation is completely unacceptable and once again demonstrates the inadequacy of measures on site to handle stormwater. Despite repeated promises by City Staff and City Council that the condition of Chimes Creek will not worsen from this development, Chimes Creek is much, much worse as a direct result of the Leona Quarry Development.

I believe that the lack of oversight and repeated failure to fine the developers by the City has contributed to this flagrant disregard the developers are showing for the downstream community.  I sincerely hope that something is done this time to let the developers know that flooding their downstream neighbors is unacceptable.

Mark Brest van Kempen
3835 Delmont Ave
Oakland CA 94605
510 568 6889