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Thank you for your e-mail message.

The developer for the Leona Quarry project  was releasing stored water last
Friday.  The developer is required to discharge stored water at least every
seven days in order to provide capacity within the detention basin for
future storm water runoff.  This is water that has been collected from the
subsurface drain lines installed as part of the Leona Quarry project.  The
quality of the discharge water is monitored periodically to assure the
discharged water has a turbidity of less than 50 NTUs.  The turbidity of the
water discharged Friday was measured at 5.2 NTUs.  The flow rate of water
discharged on Friday was 350 gpm.

Regarding your question about the Creek Protection Permit for work in the
Ridgemont Basin we are still researching that facts surrounding that
permit, and expect to provide you with an answer early this week.

Thank you for your patience.

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