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There is water in the detention pond and the NTU measure is at 34 NTU's.DeSilva Gates was given an OK to pump the water from the detention pond directly into the City storm system. The water is not being treated, did not go to the filter system and there is no flocculent used. The requirement we impose was an hourly check of the NTU reading. At 10am, the reading is 31 NTU's. The water quality is acceptable according to our standards.

The creek permit issued to DeSilva Gates is Category II.

Jun Osalbo

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Subject: Re: Chimes Creek turbidity and pumping
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A category II Creek Permit states that it covers "Exterior work that DOES NOT include earthwork AND is located MORE than 100 feet from the creek centerline".

As inspector for this job can you tell me if the work in the Ridgemont Basin included earthwork and is it more than 100 feet from the creek?

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