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Date: July 27, 2005 6:17:48 PM PDT
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Subject: Re: [Friendsof2Creeks] Re: Chimes Creek increased flow

Thank you for your response. Could you indicate where this release of additional water in the dry season is cited in the EIR? I seem to have missed it.

I think we all know that there will be an increase in run off in the rainy season but this modification of the hydrology of Chimes creek during the summer is new to us.

As far as water quality is concerned that is not the issue. The extra water that is periodically released now is cloudy but does not exceed the 50 NTU limit. So although these releases are adding silt to the creek, it is within the limits that the State has set. As I have said before, I only complain about water quality when the creek is virtually opaque with silt.

My concern is that by constantly fluctuating the flow of the creek during the dry season, the construction activity will increase erosion.

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The sub-surface water was anticipated. There is a subdrain system installed
as part of the grading operation to handle the subsurface water. Also, there
is nothing in the condition of approval that prevents developer from
discharging clean water into the storm drain system. Please be assured that
we are monitoring the quality of the discharges. I hope this clarifies your
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