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Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 9:30 PM
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Subject: Chimes Creek increased flow


Chimes Creek was flowing at approximately 3 times its normal flow rate all day yesterday 6/27/05. I assume that this was from pumping the detention pond at the quarry. This additional flow comes after no rain for some time. Is this intermittent pumping that increases the flow rate of the creek something that we have to look forward to all summer? Was this part of the construction plan?

For City Council Members:
Millsmont Homeowner's Association still has not met with Claudia Cappio and DeSilva's Hydrologists after two months. I believe when City Council asked Ms Cappio when she would be meeting with MHA her answer was "within two weeks".

Since there is still periodic increased flow in Chimes Creek despite no rain,  MHA is anxious to meet with Ms Cappio as soon as possible to find a solution to the ongoing problems that development has caused to Chimes Creek and make sure that no further degradation occurs in the future.

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