From: "Ralph Kanz" <>

Date: March 25, 2005 3:21:37 PM PST

To: "Chiye Azuma" <>, "Julie Gantenbein" <>, "Mark Brest van Kempen" <>, " nancy sidebotham" <>

Subject: Observations

I just got back from looking down on things and what surprised me was that both ponds are quite full.  The lower pond is at the bottom of the plywood, and the high water mark is about three feet above the current level.  The upper pond is the same as yesterday, like they have done no pumping there.  The flow in Chimes Creek must be reasonable.  One comment I received from a knowledgeable person was that Wednesday might be a good simulation of post project conditions.  The ground was saturated to the point of simulating impermeable surfaces.  Now imagine three inches in one day instead of three days.