From: Mark Brest van Kempen <>

Date: March 24, 2005 12:33:21 PM PST

To: Julie Gantenbein <>, nancy sidebotham <>, Ralph Kanz <>, chiye azuma <>

Subject: the latest latest


William Madison from environmental services just called me. Yesterday I told him about the apparent violations in the Ridgemont basin area of Chimes Creek above the main development and he said he would go up there yesterday. Today the conversation went like this:

wm: I understand you had some concerns about wetlands in the ridgemont basin.

mbvk: Um, yes?

wm: I suggest you call Keith Lichten.

mbvk: Wait, did you go up there yesterday and arent you supposed to determine whether or not theres a creek there for the City's Creek Ordinance?

wm: yes

mbvk: Was there a creek?

wm: (pause) We are determining that now

mbvk: whats to determine? there either was a creek or wasnt.

wm: We should know in few days.

mbvk: who is helping you interpret what you saw?

wm: mike neary, CEDA, lesley estes.

You get the idea. I told him again that the City made big boo boos determining wetlands lower down and this would be another big boo boo if they determined that the water flowing down the hillside was not a creek.

Later I called David Lau and went through the same thing with him. I also asked why they hadnt made this determination long ago rather than to stop construction work in the area to figure it out. He said he didnt know and that I should talk to Fuad. I havent got time to do that now Ill chat with him later. I also asked Lau if they needed an Army Corps of Engineers permit for this work as well. He said he didnt know and I should check with the Corps.