From: nancy sidebotham <>

Date: March 22, 2005 8:22:25 PM PST

To: "Osalbo, Faustino Jun" <>, 'Mark Brest van Kempen' <>

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Subject: RE: Status of Chimes Creek

Gee Jun,


It doesn't say that dumping all of Ridgemont and runoff from a base rock quarry floor with little or no percolation exacerbates the problem 100 times the natural capacity for a how many years old creek?  It also doesn't state that channeling runoff to street drains so that the flows are directly impacting the Creek would also cause major problems downstream.  The creek, until 1982 and after, flowed at a consistent level with slow meandering process to change.  AND, we have seen more rain in the past than this year so please don't start with we have had unusual weather this year.....BUNK!!!!!!!! 


We watch the weather reports also and having lived here for over 24.5 years and in 22 of those years (since the construction of Ridgemont) I and my neighbors have consistently complained to the excessive runoff and erosion to Chimes Creek and have been very aware of what heavy flowing waters do and have done.


The fall out of the cities decision to dump all of Ridgemont's runoff, build a holding pond and channel runoff into the street drains to solve all problems was brought out in the EIR.. Everyone mentions that it cannot be mitigated because it has already seen a judicial review, no one could take what might be to court and convince anyone that it could happen.  We, the dumb, naive neighbors of Chimes Creek, predicted that what you the City and the paid hydrologist came up with "this will solve all your problems" solution, that it would not work.


I realize that you are doing your job as you are ordered to do and we appreciate your position but this is our investment, homes, tax dollars that go to help pay for all your salaries and services in this city and we are getting nothing but LIP SERVICE and damn tired of it.


The City has approved this fiasco, the city needs to take ownership of this mess and fix it.


Don't keep patronizing any of us, you just don't answer to DeSilva but you also answer to us the taxpayers of the City of Oakland .


Nancy Sidebotham