From: Chiye Azuma <>

Date: March 20, 2005 2:32:10 PM PST

To: Nancy Sidebotham <>

Cc: Mark Brest van Kempen <>

Subject: our acacia tree

Nancy ,

In case you hadn't noticed the clearer view of our house from yours, that Acacia tree that I've been yammering about for the past year, finally bit the dust on Friday.

It looks like it just went and lay down onto Mark's property on the other side of the creek.  If the sewer manholes are opposite each other across the creek, that tree may be blocking access to the manhole on your property.  I was hoping the tree would hold out until the City came around to do their work and they would have had to deal with its fragile foundation one way or the other, but no such luck.  The tree broke off at the root crown and left what roots it had in the creek banks still embedded.  The main trunk is now supported by previously fallen trees spanning the creek.  Steve has already put a call in to the tree guy but  I am definitely not enthused about the prospect of dishing out hundreds of $$ to remove this tree.  I am definitely not paying $50 to get a tree permit from the City for this.  If anything, they ought to be paying us for our loss.

... just venting.