Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 18:06:56
Subject: Re: Silty Chimes Creek complaint
From: Mark Brest van Kempen <>
To: "Osalbo, Faustino Jun" <>

CC: "Brooks, Desley" <>,."Nadel, Nancy " <>,."Uzegbu, Marcel" <>,."Estes, Lesley" <>,."Schwarz, Alison" <>,.<>,.<>,.<>,."Neary, Mike" <>,.Office of the Mayor <>,.<>,.<>,."Ward, Ron (PWA)" <>,."Lau, David W" <>,."Sweiss, Fuad" <>,. <>,. <>,. Ralph Kanz <>,. william madison <>

As you saw from the sample I had this morning a discharge from the quarry gave Chimes Creek a turbidity reading of 568 NTU at 8:00 this morning. Since.then the creek has been turbid on and off all day.

I was also so preoccupied with the problems from the storm that I forgot to.ask you about the water quality problems yesterday that you and William. Madison were investigating.

I also wanted to mention that very silty surface run off from the site was.entering three separate City storm drains after the storm on Monday. I showing this that you are welcome to have. The Creek is now cloudy for long periods of time between storm events. Before grading began the Creek would completely clear out 3-4 hours after.the rain stopped. I obviously don't call you about all turbidity in the Creek caused by construction activities in the quarry. I only call about the very worst incidents.

Is the City planning on levying fines for any of these violations?

Do you know what is going on at the Quarry that is causing this intermittent turbidity?

I am now extremely concerned that the same experts who designed and reviewed the original plans to handle water on this site (which could never have.worked in their original forms and failed miserably), are the same experts who are assuring us of the viability of the rest of the project- including hillside stability. I am extremely concerned that the City's oversight experts on this project are the same people who apparently did not turn over notices of.non-compliance to the City for months and months. As we have seen in Southern California lives might be at stake with a site like this. I hope all the people involved in this project are keeping this in mind.

The GHAD does not cover consciences.

--Mark Brest van Kempen
3835 Delmont Ave
Oakland CA 94605
510 568 6889