Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 17:05:37
From: nancy sidebotham <>
Subject: Re: Run off bypassing detention pond
To: Mark Brest van Kempen <>,  "Osalbo, Faustino Jun" <>
Cc: "Brooks, Desley" <>,  "Nadel, Nancy" <>,  "Uzegbu, Marcel" <>,  "Estes, Lesley" <>,  "Schwarz, Alison" <>,,,,  "Neary, Mike" <>,  Office of the Mayor <>,,, "Ward, Ron \(PWA\)" <>,  "Lau, David W" <>,  "Sweiss, Fuad" <>,,,

Did not, David Lau, City Eng., state at a Public Works Comm. meeting that the number of Baker tanks for the filtration system needed to be increased to quite a few (exact number escapes me at the moment but I am sure that someone will remember that quote) in order to work and carry the load.

Funny how the paid city staff is ignoring and blatantly allowing property directly impacted by this development to continue to erode. There is no excuse for any permission given during this rainy season to allow DeSilva, with the City Engineering Staff blessing, to continue work at the expense of surrounding homeowners. All work on that development should cease until a thorough investigation by a separate unbiased hydrology firm is hired by the City and DeSilva, with our attorney's oversight, to study and identify problems with solutions that may cost the developer thousands more but protect those properties in the community that DeSilva and the City seem to think are expendable for political influence and posturing.

This project is on a very fast track that is not in the EIR time table. If the City and DeSilva think that the GHAD is going to save there butts think again. All these problems are superseding the GHAD and go back to Ridgemont, Gallagher and DeSilva's arrogance. Based on LA's current situation DeSilva and the City will live to regret what at some future date will be a major catastrophe.

The forecast this last week was on every channel and whoever gave DeSilva the OK to bypass the 25 acre pond needs to be fired !!!!. During the rains the grading was still going on though it is stipulated that there has to be a 24 hour stoppage prior to any rain's.

There are no excuses that Jun or any other city staffer can come up with for incompetence. After all that is known by everyone involved and the constant reactions from the property owners along Chimes Creek, allowing all the run off from Ridgemont and the Quarry to go into the street drains is criminal.

Nancy Sidebotham