From: Chiye Azuma <>
Subject: Sewer Repair at Millsmont
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 23:43:38 -0800
To: Gus Amirzehni <>
Cc: Julie Gantenbein <>,,,,,,, Eldridge Persons <>,,,Ralph Kanz <>, Nancy Sidebotham <>,Famous Limerick <>,,, Raul Godinez <>,Nancy Nadel <>,Mark Brest van Kempen <>,, David W Lau <>

Mr. Amirzehni,

Thank you for taking the time and effort to hold a sewer repair meeting for our community last week on Thursday, Feb 10. Many of us, including those who could not attend the meeting, have been waiting a long time for these repairs to happen, and welcome the City's attention to these problems.

As I mentioned to you earlier this week in our phone conversation, I think it is important that all residents who will be affected by this work be notified. During the course of your presentation, it became clear that there was some confusion as to the extent of this work and a number of property owners on Oakdale did not receive notices of this meeting. If you have not sent any notices to these addresses yet, please do make sure that these residents receive an update of the work that will happen. It would also be helpful to us if you would forward to my attention the list of residences that you have included in your contact list.

Per our conversation, we look forward to working with Lesley Estes and the City's Creek Preservation Group as you have confirmed that this project will be subject to City review under Category 4 of the City's Creek Protection Permit. As individual property owners and with the recent problems that we have been experiencing with the creek, we expect to have some partnership with you in the selection of the specialist who will be preparing the Hydrology Report(s) as required under the Permit.

Again, I thank you for your planning, and hope that we will continue to communicate.

Chiye Azuma