From: "Osalbo, Faustino Jun" <>
Date: February 9, 2005 3:21:11 PM PST
To: 'Mark Brest van Kempen' <>

Cc: "Brooks, Desley" <>, "Nadel, Nancy" <>, "Uzegbu, Marcel" <>, "Estes, Lesley" <>, "Schwarz, Alison" <>,,,,, "Neary, Mike" <>,, Office of the Mayor <>,,, "Ward, Ron (PWA)" <>, "Lau, David W" <>, "Sweiss, Fuad" <>,,

Subject: RE: Mystery discharge 2/7/05

You called me at 8am Monday and I met you at the construction gate to the
Leona Quarry at 8:30 am. Early in the morning, Desilva Gates crew collected
a sample of water flowing down Mountain Blvd (not from the construction
site) and the reading of this sample was 165 NTU. When you and I looked at
the inlet at 8:30am, there was only a trickle of clean water coming from
Mountain Blvd. The Leona Quarry filter discharge and sub drains from the
site was clean. The sub drain is continuously flowing and the filter
discharge had just started. The light rain has stopped at this time. When we
drove to look at the creek, the creek water was clean. There was no flow of
dirty water from the detention pond onto the City storm drain system. Based
on what I saw and observed, I could not attribute any dirty water discharge
from Leona Quarry flowing into Chimes Creek on February 7, 2005.
Jun Osalbo