S-23 Subject: Leona Quarry Project Tract Maps 7351 and 7493
From: Public Works Agency

Recommendation: Receive a Report on the status of Leona Quarry Subdivision Project
related to compliance with conditions of approval and response to letters from Natural
Heritage Institute regarding concerns from Millsmont Homeowner's Association on
Leona Quarry Subdivision Project

The January 25, 2005 Public Works Committee directed staff to prepare a
Supplemental report including the following: a summary of the
Environmental Inspection Reports dated January 7, and January 12, 2005;
clarification on how the concerns in the biological report and from the
Department of Fish and Game have been addressed. Report out on
information from the conversations of this week, include any peer review
reports and any letters from the City to the contractor directing them to
address any outstanding issues regarding compliance; 4 Ayes

Cmt Rpt Item 3 12-14-04.pdf,

Cmt Rpt 3 1-25-05.pdf,

Council Rpt S-23 2-01-05.pdf