From: "Sweiss, Fuad" <>
Date: January 12, 2005 5:18:30 PM PST
To: 'nancy sidebotham' <>
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Subject: RE: Chimes Creek

Dear Ms. Sidebotham,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding plans to address the sanitary sewer in Chimes Creek. We had mailed notices of this meeting to the property owners along the affected portion of the creek, and you should have received one, so I apologize if you did not. The meeting on the Chimes Creek sewer rehabilitation alternatives has been scheduled for the January 20, 2004 at 10 AM at the Public Works Office at 250 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Suite 4314. This will be the first meeting in which PWA Engineers will present and discuss alternatives for the sewer rehabilitation work in the vicinity of Chimes Creek.

PWA plans to have an evening meeting sometime in late February at the site or at one of the residences affected by this work to present selected design. As the President of the Millsmont Neighborhood Association, we would welcome your assistance in contacting the property owners and identifying a volunteer to host the February meeting.

The main reasons for having the January meeting are:

1. A tight project schedule, as we hope to complete the construction work before the end of 2005.

2. The Council Public Works Committee requested that we meet with the property owners as soon as possible to address their concerns. Since we were asked to return to the PWA Committee on January 25, 2005 with a summary of the property owner concerns and recommendations, we needed to schedule the meeting then. I hope you are able to attend.

Finally, please know that we would be glad to schedule another meeting at the site before the end of January if the meeting on the 20th is inconvenient to people. If we find that a majority of the property owners are unable to attend this meeting, we will reschedule it.

Also, our offices are open to the public from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday - Friday and our Supervising Civil Engineer, Mr. Gus Amirzehni, who is in charge of this project is available in person or via telephone to talk to any property owner to explain the project objectives and address their concerns. Please feel free to call Gus at (510) 238-6601 or myself at (510) 238-3437 if you have any questions.

Finally, I want to assure you that our main goal is to properly and accurately design the sewer rehabilitation work according to engineering standards and City specifications, codes, and practices and in a way that will continue to provide sanitary sewer service to the residents.


Fuad Sweiss, PE
Interim Engineering Division Manager
Engineering Design & ROW Management
City of Oakland Public Works Agency
Tel (510) 238-3437
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