From: Chiye Azuma <>
Date: January 13, 2005 12:05:19 AM PST
Cc:, Ralph Kanz <>, Nathan G.Alley <>,, Raul Godinez <>,,,,, Julie Gantenbein <>,,, Mark Brest van Kempen <>, Nancy Nadel <>, John Russo <>,, Famous Limerick <>

Subject: Sewer meeting

Mr Sweiss,

Today, we received your letter dated Jan 7, but postmarked Jan 11.
Unfortunately I will be out of town and cannot attend this meeting.
I would very much appreciate it if you would reschedule this meeting at
a more reasonable time and date and location so that many of us can
participate without having to take a day off work and without having to
drive all the way across town. It would also be helpful if you would
make an effort to reach as many residents as possible, not just the
property owners, as there are renters who live here and are affected
by, and live with these conditions on a daily basis. Please make sure
that you have also included residents living along Altamont and Oakdale
in your notices, as they have regularly reported sewage blowouts in the
past which will be made only worse when the Quarry sewage is added.

I would also ask of you to respond to some important questions that we
have been raising for the past year BEFORE we have this meeting. I am
sure that you have received the following emails and I hope that you
are aware of the disgusting condition of the sewer line along the
creek, not only in the vicinity of Nairobi, but also at
Oakdale/Lundholm where the manhole cover is regularly dislodged by
overflowing sewage that runs into the creek. I regret that I was so
repulsed, the other day, at the sight of a bloated condom lying on a
bed of dissolved toilet paper in this resident's back yard that I
neglected to take a closeup shot. But I am sure that you can imagine
what this looked like, and I encourage you to keep that image in mind
as you consider our concerns.

Neither Mr Uzegbu or Mr Law has contacted any of us since a small group
of us met with them last August to discuss the sewer pipe repairs.
Since you are the person who abruptly announced at the December 14
Public Works Committee meeting that you have plans to reroute the sewer
main to the street side and have the City pay for realigning the
residents' laterals, it would be helpful to us if you will continue to
provide us with additional information and give us the opportunity to
be heard.

Chiye Azuma