From: nancy sidebotham <>
Date: January 11, 2005 2:02:29 PM PST
Cc: John Russo <>, Nancy Nadel<>, Chiye Azuma <>, Chiye Azuma <>, Mark Brest van Kempen <>, Friendsof2Creeks Moderator <>, Julie Gantenbein <>, "Nathan G. Alley" <>
Subject: Chimes Creek

Mr. Sweiss,

As I am directley impacted by your decisions on the sewer line along
Chimes Creek, when the ---- did you plan on letting my neighbors and
I know about this meeting, you claim will be on the 20th of this month,
and where and at what time do you plan to hold it? I know this is
going to be at a real convenient location for this neighborhood.

I do not appreciate this last minute ditch effort so that you and your
croonies can go back to the Public Works Comm. and tell them "we held
an meeting and nobody came". There is also a lot of people that will
be impacted regarding the sewage dumped form the Quarry Project(400+
units) and they also need to be notified as to your intent, as most of
their lines are antiquated and need replacing.

The disclosure in the EIR for this project was sorely lacking on where
the sewer hook up was to take place.

As this is a public meeting there is a Brown Act policy to follow and
notices sent out.

I expect you are following the letter of the law!!!!

Nancy Sidebotham, President
Millsmont Neighborhood Association