From: "Sweiss, Fuad" <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 17:43:41 -0800
To: "''" <>
Cc: "Uzegbu, Marcel" <>, "Neary,Mike"<>, "Amirzehni, Gus" <>
Subject: Sewer Pipe in the vicinity of Chimes creek

Dear Mr. Brest van Kempen
City staff has been working on a project to rehabilitate the sanitary sewer pipes in the vicinity of Chimes Creek. Staff analyzed several alternatives but has not finalized the design yet. A meeting with all property owners affected by this project has been scheduled for January 20, 2005 to discuss alternatives. You should hear about this meeting from Mr. Gus Amirzehni, Public Works Supervising Civil Engineer, early this week.

Meanwhile, if you continue to notice a problem with the sewer pipe on or near your property, please call our Sewer Maintenance Department at 615-5566, and they will respond promptly as they have done in the past.


Fuad Sweiss, PE
Interim Engineering Division Manager
Engineering Design & ROW Management
City of Oakland Public Works Agency
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