From: Chiye Azuma <>
Date: January 7, 2005 6:03:10 PM PST
To:, <>
Cc:, Nathan G. Alley <>, Nancy Sidebotham <>,, Julie Gantenbein <>,,, Mark Brest van Kempen <>, Nancy Nadel <>,,,
Subject: Sewer leak again on Jan 6 2005


Can the City continue to afford to pay the $25,000 fine each time there is a violation? We have documented at least 7 incidents of sewage spills into Chimes Creek over the past year. Mr Sweiss has not contacted any of the residents about his plan to move the sewer line to Hillmont this summer. I don't think he's gotten around yet to filing an environmental declaration on this project either. I don't think this sounds like a reasonable schedule or plan.