From: "Mark Brest van Kempen" <>
To: "Osalbo, Faustino Jun" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2005 10:58 AM
Subject: Release of Dirty water on 1/3/04


I was wondering if you were able to determine what was the cause of the large
release of turbid water (117 NTU) on Monday the 3rd that you documented at
my house.

I also was wondering if there was some change in flocculant use by the
developers today because when I woke up there was 4-5 feet of billowing foam
in the creek. As I have documented previously the normal flocullant use only
created a foot of foam on the creek surface (which I find unacceptable).
Today it looked as though someone had dumped a full box of laundry detergent
into the creek. I have pictures of this but as I mentioned earlier when I
attach pictures to City email addresses they bounce back.

I am also waiting to hear if the developers have been fined for any of the
recent releases that exceeded State standards.

Thank you,

Mark Brest van Kempen
3835 Delmont Ave
Oakland CA 94605