From: Mark Brest van Kempen
To: jun
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Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2004 9:59 PM
Subject: detention ponds spill again

Thank you for your prompt response to my inquiry earlier today.

I wanted to update you that both the large detention pond (NTU 369) and the small holding pond near the baker tanks were overflowing as of 8:00pm tonight. The creek has been roaring, full of silt and eroding the banks.

From the picture that you sent me it appears that the developer has raised the square outlet in the large pond by several inches and this has now been promptly over-topped.

It appears that the developers can't control run off on their site. Every measure that they have been forced to put in place by repeated failures of their original plans have in turn failed.  As far as I recall DeSilva Gates assured all of us that the detention pond alone (with its original outlet configuration) could handle the run off from the site.

Since then, due to the inadequacy of their system, they have added several Baker tanks, completely reconfigured the outlet structure several times in the large detention pond, dug at least one other detention pond, reconstructed the small holding pond after it collapsed, added flocculant and constructed an elaborate pumping system to name a few.

The developers refer to these additional measures as if they are doing extra to assure clean run off when in actuality they were forced to take these measures after repeated outcries from the community revealed the inadequacy of their original plans. And as of tonight all these "extra" measures have proved inadequate.

I am left with the impression that the plans for this development have been extremely poorly planned and that the developer has a very poor understanding of the site. I am also left with the impression that City oversight of these plans was inadequate.

I will check with you tomorrow on the status of the situation. I understand that there is more rain in the forecast.

Mark Brest van Kempen
3835 Delmont Ave
Oakland CA 94605