From: Mark Brest van Kempen
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Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 2004 10:21 AM
Subject: leona quarry spills over 12/7 and 12/8


This morning the large detention pond and the small holding pond near the baker tanks were both overflowing directly into the storm drain and thus into Chimes Creek. The creek is much higher than it normally would be for this size storm (1.3"), very turbid and full of foamy flocculant.

It would appear that the developers are not able to control the storm water on their site. It would also appear that this is another violation of the terms of agreement with the City.  I also understand that the detention pond and the small holding pond also overflowed yesterday.

You should also know that the sewer line that will serve the Leona Quarry development completely broke over the weekend due to erosion from runoff into the creek spilling its entire contents of raw sewage into the creek.

This is the line that lawyers for the developer has characterized as adequate to handle sewage from an additional 470 households.

Mark Brest van Kempen