From: Chiye Azuma
To: Keith Lichten<>
Cc: <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 2004 1:26 PM
Subject: sewage contamination of Chimes Creek

Hi Keith,

As a follow up to Mark's email to you about the recent sewer main break, you may find these pictures online interesting.  This exposed segment of the sewer has been in this condition since 1988.  Even after the quick patch on Sunday, sewage fluids were (and probably still are) leaking from the joint.  In the words of the city maintenance crew, "you can't fix a dead horse."

There is another section at the Nairobi junction where the sewer main crosses over the creek.  It would appear that the sewer line was intended to be safely buried under the creek bed, but of course with the drastic drop in the creek bed over the past 20 years, the sewer main is now exposed, and is innundated and submerged when creek waters rise with the influx of stormwater runoff.

The EPA needs to let the City know in no uncertain terms that this is not acceptable, especially since they've allowed this condition to persist for more than 16 years.  Do we need to bring in a sample of the spillage to City Council to get this point across?  I hope not.