From: Mark Brest van Kempen <>
Date: November 30, 2004 4:33:20 PM PST
To: jun <>
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Subject: increased flow in creek


As you know the large scale pumping into Chimes Creek from the Leona Quarry development to deal with the increased run off that the construction activities have created has been increasing the flow of Chimes Creek for more than a month. This is evidenced by the creek overflowing its banks in my yard during working hours at the site. A great deal of chemical flocculent has also been introduced into the Creek due to the developer's underestimating of the silt generated from the construction on the site.

Creek bank erosion is increased with any increase in flow. If this is not self evident, it was also pointed out in the stormwater management seminar you attended recently.

It follows that the increased flow caused by pumping in the quarry is increasing erosion of my property and the property of all residents with property along the creek. (This is not to mention the increased erosion capacity that suspended silt in water has.)

The City has been made aware of the terrible erosion along Chimes Creek many times already from poorly designed developments approved by the City in the past and yet seems intent upon allowing the condition to worsen.

I consider this increased flow to be making the erosion of Chimes Creek worse.

I also consider the frothing created by the addition of flocculent to the creek to be completely unacceptable.

I did a survey of life in the creek today and found nothing. This includes no snails, no dragonfly larvae and no damselfly larvae. Last year at this time of year I found and documented many of all of the above (I have kept records for the past three years documenting life in the Creek). Probably larvae and eggs were covered and smothered by the huge amount of silt introduced into the creek by the construction activities.

I consider this also to be a degradation of the creek by this project.

Is this increased flow going to continue all wet season?

Mark Brest van Kempen
3835 Delmont Ave
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