From: Mark Brest van Kempen <>
 Date: November 15, 2004 10:02:09 AM PST
 To: <>
 Cc: nancy sidebotham <>, chiye azuma <>, <>
 Subject: Leona quarry cover up?
 Dear Keith
 Thank you for coming out to inspect the Leona Quarry and look at the creek  at my house on 11 12 04. As I indicated on the phone I was surprised and  disappointed that the developer for the Leona Quarry project seemed to stop  or greatly reduce their discharging for your inspection on that day.  Earlier on 11 12 04 the creek water was turbid, the volume was higher than  normal and there was a foamy substance where the water is stirred up by my  waterfall. During your inspection the volume was back to normal, the  turbidity and the foam had subsided. Approximately one and a half hours  later the higher volume, increased turbidity and the foamy substance had all  returned.

 This indicates that the developer was not operating their system as they  normally do during your inspection. This would not seem to be consistent  with regulations.

 I have included pictures during and after your inspection to illustrate:
 rwqb 1
 rwqb 2
 These images both show the creek as you saw it on your inspection.
 after rwqb 1
 after rwqb 2
 These images were taken about two hours after your visit. Note the increased  volume spilling out of the channel, the increased turbidity and the foam  below waterfall.
 11/13/04 2
 These images show foamy substance on Saturday 11/13/04.
 Please note that the developers have been discharging only during the day.  At night the increased volume, increased turbidity and foam all subside  together- and all return together during working hours.
 I believe that this level of pollution into Chimes Creek is completely  unacceptable. It was clearly stated by the City that "all water coming off  the site must be clean". I am also very upset that the developers would  misrepresent what they are doing to the State and believe that that is a  violation of the law.
 Please forward this email to the person that accompanied you on your  inspection as I dont have his information.
 Thank you for looking into this matter.
 Mark Brest van Kempen
  3835 Delmont Ave
  Oakland CA 94605

 510 568 6889

rwqb 1.jpg 
rwqb 2.jpg

after rwqb 1.jpg

after rwqb 2.jpg

11_13_04 2.jpg