From: "Osalbo, Faustino Jun" <>
 Date: November 12, 2004 4:24:08 PM PST
 To: 'Mark Brest van Kempen' <>
 Cc: "Brooks, Desley" <>, "Nadel, Nancy" <>, "Uzegbu, Marcel" <>,  "Estes, Lesley" <>, "Schwarz, Alison" <>,,,, "Neary, Mike" <>,, "Ward, Ron (PWA)" <>, "''" <>
 Subject: RE: Leona violations continue 11/12/04
 To respond to your email dated 11/11/04, clear water started overflowing from the temporary pond into the inlet at Mountain Blvd. at about 1030am. This is due to the flow into the subdrain is outpacing the capacity of the pump installed in the pond. Also, there is water discharging from the baker tanks into the same inlet at Mountain Blvd.
 There is also some runoff from the "A" Street flowing onto the inlet north side of the entrance gate.  This runoff flowed thru the rock construction entrance, hay laid on the ground, sand bag before the inlet, silt fabric and straw wattles surrounding the inlet.  This problem was corrected by diverting the flow into the structure at "B" Street before noon yesterday.
 There maybe some rain water from the north side of the construction site that fell  onto the slope and flowed into the three inlets at this location. These inlets have straw wattles and silt fence around them. The runoff from this location is from the immediate slopes only, which has two benches; the benches have concrete v-ditches. The slope has been hydroseeded and covered with jute netting. The runoff flows into the v-ditches that has  sand bags before the inlet opening.
 At 530pm when you called and saw dirty water overflowing the temporary pond, the silty overflow may have been a backwash of the filter system which runs automatically every two hours that was connected into the small temp pond.; now, the backwash is directed into the big sediment pond. There was a small breach at the temporary pond but the placement of gravel to prevent overflow at the dirt area could not have contributed this darker overflow from the small pond.
 Regarding your complaint today, the City consultant was able to get a sample of the water from Chimes Creek and also from the site.
 Regarding the continuous flow in Chimes Creek, DeSilva Gates has installed the filter system that is running with the use of flocculent with a maximum rate of 350 gpm. The filter system will run for storage capacity in the sediment pond.
 Jun Osalbo