From: "Miro, Mica" <>
Date: September 22, 2004 6:22:09 PM PDT
To: 'chiyeazuma ' <>,  "' '" <>
Cc: "Brooks, Desley" <>, "Osalbo, Faustino Jun" <>, "Uzegbu, Marcel" <>
Subject: RE: [Friendsof2Creeks] Update on Rain on Sep 19, 2004

Dear Friends of Two Creeks,

 Councilmember Brooks asked me to report to you that our office is actively  engaged in working on solutions to the problems that occurred at Leona  Quarry this weekend.  Councilmember Brooks had a conversation with Marcel  Uzegbu, the project manager to reiterate the community's concerns and  highlight the need for proactive rather than reactive measures.

 I am also participating in ongoing meetings where the City is working with  DeSilva Gates to fomulate plans for the official "wet weather season" which  starts October 15th.  This is no excuse for last weekend, but it might help  to know that by October 15th the development company is expected to have  several measures in place that will guard against erosion during the winter.  Thus far these measures include covering unfinished road surfaces with eight  inches of 1"-4" rock, Hydroseeding areas that have been disturbed by  grading, and placing erosion control fabric on slopes designated by the  developers' engineer.  In short the site will not remain in its present  condition throughout the winter.  Rather the development company is working  to winterize the site so that it will be better prepared to absorb the kind  of rain we saw on Sunday and more.

 Councilmember Brooks would also like you to know that we will continue to advocate in the best interest of residents of District 6.


 Mica Miro

 Assistant to
 Councilmember Desley Brooks
 (510) 777-8427