From: Neary, Mike
Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 2004 1:37 PM
To: Nadel, Nancy
Cc: Cappio, Claudia; Lau, David W; Sweiss, Fuad; Uzegbu, Marcel; Osalbo, Faustino Jun; Godinez II, Raul
Subject: RE: Rain on Sun 9-19-04
Nancy, I agree with the concerns about this past Sunday.  In anticipation of the rainy season, we have recently begun meetings specifically to review and critique the proposed winterization program DeSilva has submitted.  The purpose of these meetings is to review their proposals before they need to be implemented to look for "fatal flaws" and correct them now.  As a result of input from staff and our peer review consultant, DeSilva will be revising their SWPPP and resubmitting it this Thursday.
For your information, the current plan for winter includes, among other efforts, hydro seeding or applying a tackifier (soil 'glue') to all exposed slopes on the site; covering some of the steeper slopes with straw erosion control fabric; and possibly modifying the detention basin outlet to increase its ability to allow sediment to settle out.  Key elements of the permanent storm drain system, which were not in in place this past weekend, will be constructed before the rainy season (October 15), which will collect the water that ran onto Mountain Boulevard and divert it to the detention basin.  We are considering constructing a berm at the entrance to retain any water that runs past the inlets to prevent it from running out onto Mountain Boulevard .
At the meeting this morning we also requested that the developer have personnel and extra erosion control materials on site whenever rain is forecast for the first several storms at least, to see how the site responds to rainfall.  The site will also be "winterized" at the end of each work day and work week.
Please note that none of the hydro seeding or other winterization efforts had been done prior to this past weekend, since they are not required yet.  This left all slopes exposed to erosion; the hydro seeding and other work will be complete by October 15.
Once the revised SWPPP is prepared, reviewed and accepted by the City, I would like to provide a summary of it on the website for information.
My staff is working closely with the developer's engineers and erosion control specialists as well as our peer review consultant to minimize any sediment or runoff problems from this site in the future. 
Please feel free to call if you have any questions or comments.

Michael Neary, P.E.                      
Interim Assistant Director
Design & Construction Services Department
City of Oakland Public Works Agency
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