From: community action <>
Date: September 11, 2004 12:37:48 AM PDT
To: Chiye <>, Annette Thompson <>
Subject: quarry

Bay Area Air Quality has been called several times this week and has had an inspector at the quarry regarding the plumes of dust coming off. However, I don't believe they know that these guys are digging dirt on the weekend.  I just observed a large, long lasting plume and called the # for BAAQ 1-800-334-6367 to report it.

When I spoke to the inspector yesterday she said that their permit is more stringent than others (it is more like a permit for the refineries) they can only have a rating of 1 for 3minutes and if it goes to 4 minutes they are in violation.  This week they were really close to being in violation so they are supposed to be doing certain techniques in order to keep the dust down while they drive the big scrappers on the dirt roads into the big bowl in the back that they are having to scrape all the crap that Gallagher and Burke stuck back there over the years. (I know, a run on sentence).

If you see a lot of dirt in the air around the quarry please call and log a complaint.

Barbara Sutherland observed that it looks like they will be placing some of the big storm drain concrete tubes today from her vantage and her drive slowly by this AM.....all part of that rerouting the non-existant-creek-that-shall-remain-nameless.