To: "''"
Cc: "Brooks, Desley"
From: "Miro, Mica" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 15:11:06 -0700
Subject: [Friendsof2Creeks] Leona Quarry

Dear Friends of Two Creeks,

Thank you for your interest in making Oakland a more environmentally friendly City.

I spoke to Councilmember Brooks about the information divide regarding incidents of sediments in the water.  Currently, Marcel is working on posting a report regarding the July 10th incident, when an East Bay MUD pipe broke above Leona Quarry.  In the future, if more incidences occur (which we all hope they will not), we will do our best to give you a report on what occured, either by posting pertinent information on the website, sending a report to this listserve, or giving a full report to the individual who reported the incident.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to send notes from the weekly construction meetings, as these are private meetings between the City and the Contractors.

Regarding modifications to the development design, Councilmember Brooks encourages you to continue a conversation directly with the developers.  The City's role at this point is to ensure that all of the conditions of approval are met (you can find full text of the Conditions of Approval at hhtp:// ).  As Marcel said at the meeting, both City staff and 3 independent consulting teams hired by the city are working diligently to see that this is done.  The City will not push for any modifications that are not required under the conditions of approval.

As always, Councilmember Brooks appreciates your input and encourages you to keep watching the creek.

Mica Miro
Assistant to
Councilmember Brooks
(510) 777-8427