Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 08:50:56 +0100
From: community action <>
To: Chiye <>
Subject: quarry

heres an exerpt of Desley's response to me about the quarry stuff :

A weekly construction meeting is held with all of the stakeholders of the Quarry project.  At these meetings the group tracks and monitors equipment and construction, address any issues or concerns, receives input from the hired experts, and generally address all matters relating to the project.

I have set forth below the City's response regarding the initial creek problems.


City staff has been investigating the source of cloudy water in Chimes Creek for about four weeks. On May 27, 2004, staff found the source of the Cloudy water inside an inlet on Mountain Boulevard outside of the project site. The cloudy water was from ground water uncovered during installation of sub drain system at Leona Quarry. Immediately upon discovery, staff required the contractor to mitigate the problem. Either Mica or I, or both of us attend the meeting.

On May 28, 2004, the contractor implemented an interim measure to prevent the cloudy water from leaving the site and entering into the City's storm drain system, which ultimately empties into Chimes Creek. The interim measure is currently effective and the water entering into the storm drain system is clean. The permanent measure, a detention basin with 25 acre-feet capacity plus the water quality component is under construction.

On June 8, 2004, staff met at the site with members of State Regional Water Quality Control Board and they concurred that the interim measure worked. The also agreed that City staff will continue to monitor the quality of water leaving the site.

Staff will continue to monitor the quality of water living the site to ensure that there are no pollutants entering into City's storm drain system. We thank all that have been a part of this process.

Marcel I. Uzegbu, P.E., Project Manager
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I am told that the most recent creek incident was a freak accident.  East Bay Mud was working on a project around Campus Drive .  They broke a water-main which ran down through the Quarry to the creek.  The source of the water wasn't the Quarry -- they claim that had De Silva not done as much work as they had on the detention basin the run-off to the creek would have been worse.

Jim Summers and Kent are open to working with residents to address any concerns.  Let me know if you need their contact information.