From: Estes, Lesley
Sent: Monday, June 28, 2004 2:01 PM
To: Osalbo, Faustino Jun; Uzegbu, Marcel; Madison, William
Cc: Ward, Ron (PWA); Sweiss, Fuad
Subject: RE: Chimes Creek status

Leona Quarry has a creek.  It is in the upland portion noted in the EIR. It is subject to state, federal and local laws. Water flowing across the site is considered runoff.  It must be clean before exiting the construction area.

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From: Mark Brest van Kempen []
Sent: Monday, June 28, 2004 12:14 PM
To: jun
Cc: chiye azuma
Subject: Chimes Creek status

Since there was uncontained water flowing through the site at Leona Quarry
Im trying to determine if this was or was not considered a creek by the
City. Do you know?


Mark BvK