From: "Miro, Mica" <>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 15:46:04 -0700
To: "'Mark Brest van Kempen '" <>
Subject: RE: leona quarry

Dear Mark,

Thank you for this update and for calling me this morning.  I was aware of the recent developments with the water quality of the creek, but it is important for us to hear your perspective on the issue.

I just spoke to Marcel about upcoming permit approvals.  Turns out that I was wrong.  The Leona Quarry project will not need to go in front of the Planning Commission again.  Most of the permits that DeSilva Gates will apply for over the life of this construction project will be considered and approved at the staff level.  Meaning that Marcel, his supervisors and co-workers, and private consulting companies hired by the city will review and approve permit applications.  City Council will have to approve the "Final Map" for the project.  This is projected to come before Council in January or February of next year.  The developers must have the final map before they can begin construction of the non "model homes" (or example structures).

The next smaller permit that DeSilva Gates will apply for is the Construction of Public Improvements Permit (I believe that this is for streets, sewers, etc).  DeSilva already submitted one application, the City (Marcel and other staff) reviewed it and gave DeSilva comments and changes that they needed to make.  The next version should be submitted soon.

For future reference, before I spoke to Marcel I went to the Planning Commission website and found contact info for the planning commissioners.   Here is the address to that site:   CPCRoster.html

Mica(510) 777-8427