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Subject: RE: leona quarry
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 17:33:04 -0700

We are very appreciative of the community letting us know when they are aware of pollutants in Chimes Creek.  Each time we are notified we send our illicit discharge inspector to try and track down the problem.  In the beginning of April we issued an order to abate to correct illicit discharges.  That problem was resolved.  However, in May new discharges began to appear.  Our illicit discharge inspector rushed to Chimes Creek 8 times.  The releases were intermittent and he was unable to trace it directly to the Quarry or conclusively attribute it to activities at the Quarry because the water coming off the Quarry site at the times of inspection were always clear.  Intermittent (as opposed to one time or constant) discharges are unusual and very confusing.  It can be extremely frustrating for staff to not be able to get to the bottom and solve the problem. That's why it is so important to us to have the community helping by notifying us as soon as the discharge starts.  Last Thursday we got lucky with our timing.  After a call from Mark Brest van Kempen, our illicit discharge inspector was able to get to the site quickly enough to be able to trace it directly back to the Quarry.  The Quarry is a complicated site and things on site are changing all the time.  We are extremely committed to preventing further pollutants from getting to Chimes Creek.  Please keep letting us know when things go wrong.  These situations can be complicated, frustrating and not always as they seem.  Working together we can learn more and get more accomplished, we share the same goals.

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