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Hi Nancy - here's the story, at least as far as I know it.  We have had a PWA guy - William Madison, out and about trying to find the source of the muddy water since DeSilva started grading about 6 weeks ago.  We've tested manholes, pipe segments, etc - all to no avail.  About 24 hours ago - the source was identified - it appears to be a subdrainage system on the LQ site and PWA has required DeSilva to install a sediment basin in that location.  I will forward you more information as I receive it.  Have a great weekend and I will get back to you next week with further developments.  Regards, CC

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Hi Claudia,

Here are some pictures and history regarding Chimes Creek.  Something ain't right here in river city.

Can you get some feedback on this or is this going to be a cover up by DeSilva hoping to get the work done before a major legal issue ensues?

Does the City have the appropriate personnel to oversee this? 


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