Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 10:44:13 -0700
From: "Chiye Azuma
To: <>
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Subject: Water Quality Concern at Chimes Creek

Hello Marcel,
I wanted to share some pictures with you of existing culverts connecting to the storm drain on site.  These pictures were taken on April 24 (Earth Day!!) and may very well explain the siltation and pollutants that we have been seeing in Chimes Creek.  I bring this to your attention because they are not mentioned in your report.  The culvert that is hidden behind the series of siltation fences in images #64 and #70 is the one at the base of the eucalyptus that was recently chopped at the trunk, and adjacent to the manhole that the diversion pipes drop into.  The other culvert (in image #30) is to the south/east of the entry gate.  I do not believe these pipes were capped at this point as there are still evidence of some sort of protection from grading activities.

Also, please refer to image #47 which shows the severed pipe draining onto open grade.  The creek water then gets picked up by the two diversion pipes (#65).  It was not clear if there was any filtration before the water entered the pipes.

Chiye Azuma