From:     Uzegbu, Marcel
Sent:    Friday, April 30, 2004 6:13 PM
To:    ''
Cc:    Neary, Mike; Osalbo, Faustino Jun; Madison, William; 'David Chapman'; Sweiss, Fuad
Subject:    Water Quality Concern at Chimes Creek

Dear Mr. Breast van Kempen:

I received your water quality concern related to the subject creek on April 29, 2004. City staff and developer's representatives have performed some investigation. I would like to share with you our findings.

On April 29, 2004 at 4pm, I met at the Leona Quarry project site with Jun Osalbo( Construction Inspector for the project), William Madison( Public Works Environmental Services staff) and David  Chapman, Peter Heiseth (Developer's representatives) to investigate the concern of brown silt, white foam, water level fluctuation within Chimes Creek.

We started at the project site and opened two storm manholes along the south-western portion of the project site to check for evidence of pollutants and sediments from the construction activity. We also got samples of the water at the flowlines of both manholes. We found the water flowing in and out of the manholes to be clean and clear. There was no evidence of silt in these manholes.

We pulled out two black diversion plastic pipes connected to one of the manholes located along the south-western part of the project site and found the water to be clean and clear. Three upper manholes  along the same bearing were also examined and found dry. It was recommended that the three dry  manholes be cleaned and protected from siltation.

However, when we went to Chimes Creek area, we noticed that the water was not as clear as the water we saw leaving the Leona Quarry site. We did not see any silt deposit or the white foam or water level fluctuation at Chimes Creek . At the intersection of Sunnymere and Altamont , we opened the storm manhole and noticed that the water was not also as clear and clean as the water leaving Leona Quarry project site.

Since the water leaving the Leona Quarry project site was clean and clear and  the water at Chimes Creek, and in manhole at Sunnymere and Altamont were cloudy, Public Works Environmental Services staff will perform further investigation to find the source of the cloudy water. We will keep you informed of our findings, and thank you for bringing this concern to our attention.

If you have any questions, please call me at (510) 238-6257.

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