Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 18:10:30 -0700
From: "Chiye Azuma"
To: <>
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Subject: Leona Quarry

Hi Marcel,
Thanks for taking the time this morning to talk with me.  As we discussed, I would be very interested in meeting with you and the project engineer to discuss stormwater management and quality issues for this development.  My neighbor, Mark Brest Van Kempen, has been speaking out on this issue since this project was being reviewed by Planning Commission, and should be included as well.  Mark tells me there was a consulting Hydrologist (Balance hydrology) who was in favor of daylighting the creek through the development, and we are hoping that he could be included in these discussions as well.  When I spoke with Lesley Estes some weeks ago, she mentioned that she was working with your department to include some environmental solutions into the project design.  We would be interested in hearing more about this, and to offer our concerns and perspective as residents who actually live with this creek in our back yards.

In addition to managing the quality of runoff from the development, I think we may need to revisit the issue of the volume of water that will be coming through Chimes Creek.  I understand from our conversation that the stormwater that will be released from the detention pond will be controlled not to exceed the capacity of the 39" pipe going through the Burkhalter neighborhood.  While that may make sense for the 39" pipe, we would like to have some review and reassurance that the outflow will not exceed the capacity of Chimes Creek.  There are sections of this creek that are eroding away yearly from increased runoff, causing trees to lose their footings and exposing sewer lines.  When the creek rises beyond a certain point, it floods into the sanitary system causing sewage outflow.  This is not a 'freak' event - we can count on it to happen when it rains.  The creek is a PUE, where we have two parallel sewer lines running on either side of the creek, which is, of course, the storm drain.

With some advance notice, I will take time off from work to attend a meeting if you need to schedule it during the work day.

Thanks for listening to our concerns and I look forward to hearing from you.

Chiye Azuma