Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 11:31:09 -0700
From: "Chiye Azuma"
To: <>
Cc: <>, <>
Subject: Chimes Creek

Hi Mark,

I got a call back this morning from Marcel Ugzebu, the overseeing engineer (Public Works, Oakland) for the Quarry project.  He confirmed that the project was issued their grading permit on Fri, 4/23.  As they have been saying all along, the work that's been performed so far has been covered under their Quarry permit.  I still have some questions, however, about the BMP's (Best Management Practices) that are in place at the project site.  The creek appears to dump into a holding pond and from there, it's funneled into two 6" pipes that empty into the 39" drain pipe that goes under 580.  The large concrete culverts that previously channeled the creek to the drain system are "protected"  by some silt fencing — but with all the grading that's been happening there, it does not look all that reassuring —  in my humble opinion.

Marcel says that the developer is responsible for filing a "Notice of Intent" to the State, but no further notice is required, i.e., to Fish and Game.  (We may want to check on that...)  If I heard correctly, the size of the detention pond is going to be a 25 acre ft capacity, and it will be designed with sediment and water quality control components.

The project schedule calls for the detention pond to be constructed by the end of this year.

The water level at the existing pond is pretty low at this time, and frankly, it looks like primordial soup, with some sad looking reeds sticking out.  According to Marcel, this pond was never identified in the report, and will be eliminated.  Are there frogs or other endangered things there??

Now, for something positive ...

Marcel is willing to meet with us and the engineers for the developer to see if we can get some bioswales, porous paving, and other water quality measures into the engineering of the project.  So we will continue to stay in touch.  fyi, Marcel's phone number is 238-6257, and his email is