Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 15:35:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: nancy sidebotham <>
Subject: Chimes Creek and Leona Quarry
To: Claudia Cappio <>
Cc: Nancy Nadel <>,   'Nancy Sidebotham' <>,,   Laura Casey <>,   Lesley Estes <>,   Jean Quan <>,   John Russo <>,,   Mayor Jerry Brown <>,   Ignacio De La Fuente <>,   Danny Wan <>,   Desley Brooks <>,   Henry Chang <>, Grace Simonds <>,   Florence Negherbon <>,   Mark Brest van Kempen <>,   Chiye Azuma <>

I have yet to receive a response to my email sent to you a week ago regarding the Quarry's dumping into Chimes Creek.
I could not make the Council meeting this last Tuesday, 4/20, on Item 14.1 regarding the new guidelines set by Planning on 4/7 for the DeSilva Groups project at the Quarry.
I was quite upset to hear you state, without hesitation, to Jean Quan's question about any neighborhood concerns, that there were none at this time.  This in fact was an out right miss statement on your part as I know that you have not only received my email but phone calls as well.
Ms Brooks comment that the only activity is the Quarry doing quarrying business is also wrong.  There has been no quarrying but there has been a lot of grading and prep work to building up the site.  And major dumping of material into the creek at various times within the last few weeks.
The area covered by the Hydrology section in the 14.1 Item passed at the Planning Comm. and at the Council Tuesday gave some explicit guidelines, of which all have been broken by the developer, with no hands on oversight by the City until neighbors who live along the Creek complained to Environmental Services and your office.  The work done has all been done prior to April 15th which was so clearly stated as the beginning of the work to be done as set forth under the Hydrology section.
I am still waiting to hear from you about the meeting which I requested in my last email.
I expect that there will be quite a few Neighbors of Chimes Creek also wanting to be part of this meeting.
Nancy Sidebotham
(510) 635-2678