Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 14:11:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: nancy sidebotham <>
Subject: Chimes Creek and Quarry
To: Claudia Cappio <>

Hi Claudia,
Long time no talk to. Hope all is well with you.
The neighbors in the daylight area of Chimes Creek, (betwwen Hillmont and Delmont), of which I have 5 properties that border it, are extremely concerned about the excessive runoff/dumping of brown, dirty water that has been flowing in it the last month or so. 
I know that a couple of neighbors have called Environmental Services and your office about this. 
The run off from the Quarry and Ridgemont have been a major concern to the stability of the creek and the constant eroding of the channel.  This has gotten worse and the City and the County continue to look the other way because this is "Private Property".
I would like to meet with you and whomever is overseeing this project and get some quidelines set up to protect our properties.
All this was brought out at Planning and the Draft EIR.
I would hate to see another lawsuit realizing that the project is now a go.  However my concern and those of my neighbors are our properties and the neglect of the County and the City in protecting us.
Hope to hear from you soon.