SSSMMP (Special Species Status Mitigation and Monitoring Plan) and Snake Fence Status
Reported by Ralph Kanz

Friday, February 11, 2005 4:03 PM
I just got a call from Fuad and Marcel.  The Construction Monitoring Logs are a required element in the Special Status Species Mitigation and Monitoring Plan. I have been trying to get them since November.  Marcel says DeSilva is refusing to release them.  They are prepared by Wetland Research Associates for DeSilva and contain the raw data used to draft the weekly letters that have been less than honest.  When we get them they will show WRA has been withholding information about violations of the MMRP.  When I went by on Campus this morning there was a DeSilva truck pulling up with silt fence in the back, probably to put up for snake protection on the east side. 

Thursday, February 10, 2005 8:59 AM
When I looked up there yesterday it was interesting to see they are in the process of putting snake fence all the way up both sides of  the project, even in the areas where last summer they claimed it was too steep to put fence.  This is an admission that the measures in the MMRP were not being met.  When I drove by the top they were doing some drilling near Campus at the east end.  The bulldozer was cutting through the middle of the top slope and it looks like they are starting to ratchet up the pace of operations. 

Friday, February 04, 2005 4:00 PM
I just got home from meeting with Marcel to review documents. He showed me the "Daily Field Report" records prepared by Lowney for January. They contain alot of information about the functioning of the stormwater system and sediment and erosion issues. He said all the "Daily Field Reports" for the project will be posted online next Thursday. ( The Lowney reports also made reference to photos that were included with the reports, but I was not shown....
All the Essex Environmental reports came by email from Lowney, and as they admitted the other night they had not received many of them until 10 days ago. The City still does not have copies of the Construction Montioring Logs maintained by Wetland Research Associates. He promised to get those for review. He admitted that the City had not sent the Special Status Species Mitigation and Monitoring Report to the resource agencies for review as required in the EIR. These letters might also fall under the "approval" provision of the MMRP.

FIELD ORDER  No.  20 Issued :2-1-05 
  1. No grading is allowed in Potential Habitat area where Alameda Whip Snakes maybe harm during construction until required herp fence is in full compliance according to Special Species Status Mitigation and Monitoring Plan.

FIELD ORDER  No.  19 Issued :1-21-05 

  1. Restore the damaged/missing herb fence to ensure Alameda Whip Snakes do not stray in construction areas from the access road parallel to Freeway 580 up to the northern slope rock knob area.
  2. Deadline completion no later than 1-28-05 or be subject to non-compliance penalty.